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About us

Impart Arts artists create their work with colors, shapes, textures, and lines to bring Heaven to earth through each painting.  Every brushstroke carries an encounter of God’s presence, leaving a lasting imprint on each viewer.

Impart Arts paintings are intended to uniquely speak to the heart without words, although some paintings by Theresa Dedmon include a special poem or message describing the intended encounter.

All artists are part of the worldwide Impart Arts community to create a renaissannce of reformation, demonstrating God’s goodness — releasing spiritual and emotional wellbeing, healing for body, soul, and spirit, and inspiring hope and life through the power of God’s presence in each painting.

Impart Arts gives 10% of all profits to help bring global transformation among poor nations of the world.  Our efforts contribute to clean water sources, sanitation, child rescue, education, and micro financing (organizations include Iris Global).

About Theresa Dedmon

Journey Into Creativity

Art was always a natural part of my life. I grew up with oils, pastels, watercolors and a paintbrush in my hand. My mother, an accomplished artist, taught me how to develop my techniques, as well as modeling a passion for the process of communicating through my art.  After receiving a B.A. in psychology, I developed a passion for transforming people through various creative expressions of art, along with music, dance, and drama. I found that creativity was a powerful key in helping people experiences the power of love.


When my husband and I moved to Redding, California in 2002, I began the journey of training others to develop their creative expressions to communicate Heaven’s perspective to impact and influence the world around them in positive ways as I had experienced. I soon became the Creative Arts Director at Bethel Church, as well as equipping, empowering, and activating students in the School of Supernatural Ministry.


Art Impartation

Through the years, I have seen people physically, emotionally, and spiritually healed as they simply looked at a painting. I have used art as a means of walking people through anger, anxiety, and forgiveness. I have used art as a prophetic communication to uncover someone’s true identity and God-given destiny that has set them free to fulfill their dreams.

I invite you to receive an impartation of the imprint of Heaven as you place one of the art pieces in a prominent area of your home or office, or as you sip a cup of tea or coffee. Why not spread a little of the hope of Heaven as you use your iPhone throughout the day, your tote bag, or wearing the ImpartArts leggings or shirts.


Create Supernaturally 1,2 & 3

(DVD and Workbook to train in all forms of creative expression)

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Create Supernaturally By Theresa Dedmon Of Bethel Church Redding. Transforming church life through creativity.  Create Supernaturally by Theresa Dedmon | Bethel Church Redding

Transforming church culture through creativity. Create Supernaturally by Theresa Dedmon of Bethel Church Redding. Create Supernaturally by Theresa Dedmon | Bethel Church Redding

Create Supernaturally by Theresa Dedmon of Bethel Church Redding. Transforming church culture through creativity. Create Supernaturally by Theresa Dedmon | Bethel Church Redding

Born to Create

(Book on Theresa’s journey into creativity, and practical tools to cultivate creativity)

Born To Create by Theresa Dedmon | Bethel Church Redding

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Cultivating Kingdom Creativity

(Workbook on practical strategies and activations to develop and teach creativity)

Cultivating Kingdom Creativity by Theresa Dedmon | Bethel Church Redding


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