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Conquering Depression Through Creativity - Theresa Dedmon - Jessika

Theresa Dedmon

Theresa Dedmon talks with missionary Jessica Tate about how Kingdom creativity is bring transformation in the Democratic Republic of Congo! Find out more here:

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  • LYn McMahon on
    Dear Theresa, I just finished watching It’s Supernatural about you. Can I purchase the painting you did on the show? I know that girl is me! I look like her and the very shade of pink color of her dress is my favorite color. I paused the d.v.r. And in a moment GOD flooded my mind with , under His wings of the shadow of the Almighty He covers me!You see I sing this all of the time. l have been so depressed that I only leave my house once a month. over and over my mind constantly says ,my husband doesn’t love me.I know God always covers me under His wing .He is my El Shaddai! God is has set me free from depression and He has healed my mind! Please let me purchase that painting from you. There is healing in His wings! My phone number is 843-297-8897. Please call me .I would love to talk to you May God bless you and protect you. l am excited to hear from you! Your sister in Christ, Lyn McMahon

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